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September 30th, 2015

Mobile Dent Repair is Cheap and Practical

Today’s car or trucks just don’t appear to be made like they once were. While technical advances have made autos more tough, the bodies of the autos seem to be easier to scratch, dent, and ding. If your vehicle has such damage, you very likely want to get it dealt with as soon as possible. Not only do these dents and dings look terrible, they can really reduce the overall value of your vehicle.

Mobile dent repair will make quick work of these blemishes and for less than you may believe. The entire mobile dent repair procedure only requires about an hour. The specialists drive work shops that are full of all the equipment and tools that they need to do the repair. The only thing you should supply is access to a point of electricity. In many cases, the contractors won’t even have to use it, but it ought to be readily available. They can do the repair work in your driveway or the car park at workplace. All you need to do is telephone Rochester dent repair and schedule an appointment. Be sure that there is enough room for the contractor to park his work shop.

The dent is removed by massaging the metal from behind the affected panel. Most auto body shops have more information like this page which explains how auto dent repair works. It requires unique equipment and a plenty of skill to get rid of the dent without leaving any evidence of the repair. That is why this sort of repair work must only be left to the experts. Disregard all the things you’ve heard about dry ice and plungers. Those don’t work. Mobile dent repair is fairly budget friendly, so it is best to simply let the professional get the job done.

There are ordinarily other mobile auto repair services offered, too, including car seat repair, small dent repair Rochester, bumper repair, and alloy wheel repair. Some companies will give you a really good bargain if you have a couple of repairs done all at once. It is a really good way to save some money and get your car or truck looking wonderful again.

Nobody wants to drive a car that is all dented or scraped up. The fact is, it does not take much to do so to today’s newer car or trucks. No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, dings and dents seem to happen. It might be that trashcan that got away from you or your kid’s bike that got too close. These little imperfections in your vehicle’s finish may really have a negative impact on how much your car is worth and how others see you, too. These days mobile dent repair specialists understand how important it is that your car looks terrific. They are the specialists when it comes to making it look that way again.

You can telephone any mobile dent repair provider and get a quote for dent removal. You want a warranty and just use a service provider that has been in business for quite some time. In many situations, your car coverage will cover the cost of the repair work and some companies will even deal with submitting the paperwork. The procedure really couldn’t be any easier and you will appreciate the appearance of your car once more after the repair is finished.

August 31st, 2015

The Steps to Fixing Your Car Scratches

If you’ve found a dent or scratch on your car, how should you go about fixing it? This article will go over some of the steps that you can try.

The first step before you remove car scratches is to identify the type of scratch on your car. This is in most cases determined by the depth if the scratch. The first category describes scratches that only damage the clear coat on your car commonly referred to, as Clear Coat Scratches; this we can say is a minor scratch. The second is deeper and exposes the primer referred to as Primer Scratches. The third category which is the most severe scratch on your car is Paint Scratches in this case the clear coat, primer and paint have been stripped off your car leaving the bare metal exposed and most likely to rust if left unattended. Since these are the most serious, you should take them to a professional such as Akron paintless dent repair or a body shop in your city.

One of the most common solution to clear coat scratches is light buffing. This is simply polishing which can be done by hand with a lint free cloth the polishing is done until the scratch is no longer visible. It is safe to only remove a small percentage of the clear coat to avoid the paint system failing. The limitation with this method is when it is repeated over time the clear coat becomes compromised. The other solution is to polish gently then hide the visible part of the scratch and finally using a sealant of wax protector on the affected area. This solution will only work temporarily thus the latter is preferred.

When your car has primer scratches, the solution is to do a touch up paint job. If the affected area is small brush painting is done but if the area is large spray painting in a well ventilated area is done. Sanding using a sand paper is done, then the area is washed to remove any dirt, dust and wax and to enable the primer to adhere to the surface of the car properly. An appropriate tool is used to apply the paint depending on the area of the affected part. These tools are available from body shops like Akron Ohio dent removal. Care is taken to make sure the primer does not get on the original paint. The paint is applied after the primer working on the scratched inwards from the edges then the paint is left to dry. Waxing and polishing is done to achieve the desired gloss.

Paint scratches can only be solved by repainting or using touch up paint depending again on the area and owners preference. The first step during repainting is stripping the car a sand paper is used, then cleaning of the area. Next priming is done; the primer is applied in thin even coats usually from the highest point of the scratch to the lowest. A few usually two to three coats of primer are used. The last step is painting this is similar to applying the primer. The paint is mixed with thinners to the correct proportion. Three to four coats of paint are used. Before the last coat is applied any powder residue is removed using a wet and dry sandpaper and wipe off. The clear coat is painted making sure just as before the powder residue is sanded off and wiped then the last coat of clear coat is painted. The last step as always is buffing to achieve a smooth glossy finish.

August 29th, 2015

How an Auto Body Shop Can Help You After a Car Accident

After every accident, many car owners are disillusioned and left in a state of despair. This is because of the enormous damages and losses that are caused by car accidents. However, as a car owner, there is always light at the end of a tunnel; and all is not lost since there are a myriad of companies and shops committed to help clients solve their car accident damages and losses. These shops normally help clients in repairing their cars and particularly the auto body after a dent or any kind of car wreckage. The big question is how do auto body shops fix damage to your car after it has been in an accident? The answer is simple. The shop does the following basic things:

It helps clients to find the best spare parts.

Auto shops play a very vital and crucial role in helping car owners find the best spare parts that will perfectly fit well or replace the damages parts of the car body. For instance, the shop will advice and sell to the car owner the same parts such as car bumpers to help fix the damages ones. Many car owners may not know how to import or order spare parts for their car models and thus it is the ultimate role of the auto shops to import and supply to the car owners genuine parts that are compatible with their cars.

They can buy the damaged car bodies.

Some auto shops are fully committed to help clients in buying the damaged auto bodies thus helping clients to sell their damaged parts thus assisting them in raising additional cash for buying new car body parts. These shops will then resell the damaged parts to the fabrication and recycling companies where the parts will be produced and redesigned thus helping to cut down the cost of repair significantly even by around 30 percent.

They supply new parts.

It is also the primary role of the auto shops to supply the spare parts to the car owners thus helping them to find the perfect parts at relatively affordable costs. It is sometimes very hectic to find genuine body parts but with the help of an auto shop, it is easy to find cheap and relatively affordable auto parts. Alternatively, the shops can liaise with insurance companies and help clients to find and replace damaged parts at an affordable fee.

However, finding the right auto shop that can actually help clients and other car owners to fix their car problems can be very hectic. This means that is good and important certain basic things. For instance, it is good to go for good auto shops that allow flexible payments methods so as to help you as a car owner to recover from losses. It is also good to determine if the shop deals with durable and genuine parts. The best auto shop should supply car owners with the best and genuine parts that will help them fix their car damage problems. Above all it is good to determine if the auto shop is licensed and accredited by the relevant auto institutions.